Download sairat marathi movie in HD Yad Lagla
Download sairat marathi movie in HD

Download sairat marathi movie in HD Yad Lagla

Following the fortunes of young star-crossed lovers Parshya and Archie. When they fall in love, Archie’s father will stop at nothing to prevent his daughter from spending time with her low-caste boyfriend, the son of a fisherman.

Storyof Sairat Marathi Movie 

Prashanth Kale is a child born in a small caste, whose father works fishing. He is good in studies, as well as the captain of the local cricket team. Archana Patil is a rich and upper-born girl, whose father is a Zamindar and a politician. He enjoys driving tractors and motorcycles. They both study in the same college and later fall in love with each other.

On the birthday of Archana’s younger brother, they both meet behind the house and Archana’s family see them together. Archana’s father, Tatya, beats her and her friend. Tatya tries to lodge a false police complaint against her and her friends, but Archana destroys the complaint. Prashant and Archana somehow escape from the house and move to Hyderabad.

They face a lot of problems in the new city. Despite many attempts, both of them are able to earn very little. Meanwhile, both of them get into an argument and Archana decides to go back. But before going back, her mind changes and she returns to Prashant. The two get married at the Registrar’s Office and soon have a son.

After a few years, their financial condition becomes very good and all three start living happily in a good place. One day Archana calls her mother and hands over the phone to her son. After talking on the phone, Prince and his friends come with some gifts sent by Archana’s mother. His son, Akash goes to his neighborhood. Archana and Prashant meet and welcome Prince and his friends to their house and also offer tea. Akash keeps coming back to his house and

sees that his parents are on the verge of dying on the ground.

Cast of Sairat Marathi Movie 

Rinku Rajguru – Archana Patil aka ‘Archie’
Sky falls – Prashant Kale aka ‘Persia’
Tanaji Galgunde – Pradeep Bansode aka ‘lame’
Arbaaz Shaikh – Salim Shaikh alias ‘Salya’
Anuja Children – Anne
Dhananjay Nanavare – Mangaia
Suresh Viswakarma – Tatya
Devotion chew
Suraj Pawar – Prince
Sambhaji Tangade
Glorious foreigner
Nagraj Manjule – Satpute sir
Move the shadow
Bhushan approves
Jyoti Subhash – Sanguna Atty

 Sairat marathi  Movie Rating :- 8.3/10 IMDB

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